August 7, 2013




k I have only ten minutes right now because this is just to let you know that im safe so hiiiiii im safe! made it to brazil, all is well. I love it here, it is so different. our area is about 3 blocks square and we can wander around. my pday is today, Wednesday, so I missed it but I will be able to email longer next week! dearelder is apparently not a thing out here, so email or snail mail is the way to go. mom, no packages! though I do love you...ah this keyboard doesn't do smiley faces! i absolutely adore my new companion, she flew out with me on the trip to brazil. me and another elder sat next to a drunk guy the whole flight and he spilled beer on Jesus the Christ. it was a very interesting night. however, he did give us his email and address and said come find me and my wife in natal when you get there and wed love to listen to you so I guess that counts as my fist contact! huzzah! the food here is wonderful, we had meat and rice and beans and guarana for lunch today. and Brazilian pizza for dinner. the lord is truly working miracles, there are 33 of us that got our visas and that is the most number of American missionaries they have gotten in one week in over a year. I don't know what is happening, but the lord is definitely hastening his work! it is a very different feel from the Provo mtc because it is so small, we personally met with the mtc pres and his wife, multiple times. his wife actually sat with us for a bit at dinner and they know all of us by name. i have to go now but i love you so very much and I loveeeee brazil!


Sister Carroll

ps please send to mike

please tell mike congratulations on his new job I am so proud of him and excited that he is seeing the blessings of sacrifice! And ask Benjamin how band camp is going!


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