February 6, 2014

I Love the Youth!

Hi there!                                                                                                  February 3, 2014


This has been a crazy week of ups and downs and smiles and laughter and tears and açai and hammocks! Basically, business as usual here in Brasil :)

Can I just say , I LOVE THIS WARD!!!! Seriously, I can’t say it enough! The youth are the key in this ward. We are getting so many references of friends of members, and they are really just working so closely with them that it’s hard to keep up the pace! There are 15 active YM here, and the YW President asked us specifically to help her reach a goal of 15 active YW (currently we are at 4, but there were 9 on Sunday!). It’s just so nice when the missionaries and the ward counsel work together on the same page for the same goals.

We spent all week preparing two YW, Maria Rita and Darliane, to be baptized this past Sunday. They both decided at the last minute that they didn’t want to go through with it. So that was really hard for everyone, but definitely a learning experience. I was really sad (a lot of it has to do with lack of support at home) but they are both committed to continue coming to Church and reading the Book of Mormon. With a little more time, I’m sure they will find their own testimonies again.

BUT there was another YW at church who has been many times but I guess the missionaries just missed her? Don’t know. But, we went to visit her right after church and asked if she wanted to prepare to be baptized next Sunday (she already knows and lives all the Church standards! thanks to awesome members) and she said yes without hesitating! So keep Jasmin in your prayers for this week :)

We had a special devotional with the youth on Sunday all about how to invite friends to church without being weird or awkward about it. We did a bunch of practices, read some inspiration scriptures, and every youth in attendance committed to bringing a friend to church on Sunday! Now we just need to get the adults helping out too ;) It was such a wonderful feeling, to here all the YW there say that they wanted to serve missions and watching the group of them leave the chapel singing Called to Serve at the top of their lungs! Truly, this is the time for the Church in Brasil :)

In other news, we heard some sad news today about Sister Souza´s family. Her uncle passed away this past Tuesday, and another aunt passed away on Saturday. Same side of the family, but completely unrelated and unexpected. It’s been really hard on her, so if you could keep Sister Souza and her family in your prayers this week I would really appreciate it. We need all the help and love we can get right now.

Alma 7: 12 is the scripture of the week. Christ suffered all, so that He could know how best to help us in our time of need. If we ever feel scared or lonely or lost, or not up to the task. just remember that we don’t have to just rely on ourselves. He knows how best to help us, and sometimes we just forget to ask. The same applies to helping people around us. When the people we love suffer, we don’t have to only rely on what we know to help them. We can plead to our Heavenly Father on behalf of our loved ones, and we can receive revelation on how we can help. It is often through the hands of other people that Heavenly Father takes care of His children. Christ always know what to do, He always has a solution, and He is always waiting and willing to carry us through whatever trials or challenges come our way.


Keep smiling! Keep praying! Until next week :)

-Sister Carroll

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