December 30, 2013

Feliz Natal & Merry Christmas

Feliz Natal & Merry Christmas                                                              

December 23, 2013

Mundo Feliz, nasceu Jesus! Nasceu trazendo a luz! Trazendo salvação, trazendo a redençaõ, Louvemos ao Senhor!

That was Joy to the World, in portugues. Want to know something great about Brasilin Christmas carols? Pretty much every single one of them is so focused on Christ’s life mission and the Atonement. I love it. It’s the true Spirit of Christmas! I love thinking about the birth of Jesus Christ, but it means so much more when I think of WHY He was born and WHAT He came to do. And all the brasileiro Christmas hymns reflect these truths annnd i love it.

This past week has been nuts! We had our all-mission conference which was a BLAST! The 4 hour bus ride there was so much fun, with our entire zone just chilling in a coach bus they rented out. Also, did I mention that I’m in the zone of sisters? There are literally just enough Elders to be our District and Zone Leaders. And then there are 12 sisters. I feel bad for the Elders, they must be so overwhelmed. But its so much fun :) And then the theme of the Conference was the Atonement. There were lots of tears and wonderful talks given. I got to play a special musical number on the violin and it was so so beautiful. Music is so powerful in bringing the spirit.

Then Sister Christensen got sick and went to the hospital (it’s all better, just an allergic reaction) and then I got a NASTY cold and had to stay home, so all in all not a great week for finding and teaching BUT we still had a baptism on Sunday - Jessica, she is 11 and SO sweet! spunky as all get out, but adorable just the same. Plenty of Christmas miracles to go around :)

If you could pray and help us out, Sister Christensen and I are looking for a miracle family to teach. We just want to work with entire families so badly and it is so hard to find them, but with prayer, fasting, and your help i am certain that it will be a week of miracles :)

Mom, Dad,  Benjamin, I can’t WAIT to talk to you! Infelizemente, we are going to stick really close to the 40 minute limit as told in the missionary handbook but still, its Skype, so it will be wonderful all the same :) I will be online right around 4:00, Mossoró time. I think it’s just 2 hours off, though you might want to check on that. (it’s actually 3)

 I love you all!!!!! MERRRRRY CHRISTMAS!!! FELIZ NATAL!!!!

 It may be my first Christmas away from home, but it also is my first Christmas that I am literally set-apart as a representante of Jesus Cristo. And I am so humbled and honored by that privilege :)

 -Sister Carroll



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