March 5, 2014


                                                                                                February 17,2014

Howdy all!

(Shudder. maybe Texas is rubbing off on me)

this has been a week of RAIN!!!!! After living in Mossoró for the past 6 months, arguably in the top 10 hottest cities in Brasil, the rain has been a nice break. Its only been light showers, but it’s still something! There was a legitimate down pour on Friday and Sister Souza and I ran out laughing into the storm to go teach and make contacts! Everyone thought we were crazy but I was so incredibly happy :D I feel like every missionary has to have the experience of trudging through the rain at some point in their missions. It’s like a mile-marker of sorts

Presidente Soares has asked all of the missionaries to refocus our personal study on the basic missionary lessons. Learn the basics really well, forget about the crazy deep doctrine and studying just to study. So I’ve detracted a bit from my Old Testament readings (my goal is still to finish all the standard works while I’m on my mission, but I’ll use other time than study time to do it!) to refocus on the restoration, the plan of salvation, and the doctrine of Christ. And its incredible!!!! Something so simple, but so profound at the same time.

I’ve been studying a lot about repentence recently. It really is the most beautiful part of the gospel. The message of hope that we have is that things can change. People can change. We don’t have to stay who we are right now, forever. If we have a weakness, if we are lacking in a certain Christ like attribute, if we have a bad habit - we can change! We don’t have to do it alone! We have the Atonement to help us!

I especially love to think that the Atonement isn’t just for the little, every day mistakes we make. We need to have a bigger view of what it can do. We can change our very nature. The most impatient person in the world can have the patience of a saint. A broken family can be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. An immature sister with her own stubborn ideas and plans can become an instrument in the hands of the Lord. All it requires is a little humility.

I read something interesting the other day - the reason, the real motive, for true repentance is a desire to become more like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We want to take away any part of us that detracts from our divine potential. We want to know them better by becoming like them.

Transfers are coming up next week! Time is flying! Love you all!

-Sister Carroll

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