March 5, 2014

City of Miracles

                                                                                                                          March 3, 2014


So, it’s been 5 days in my new area and let me tell you, it has been five days of refining fire BUT the Lord never, never, NEVER gives commandments to His children without first preparing a way for them to accomplish what He has commanded :D This is a lesson that will remain ingrained in my heart for the rest of the mission. We showed up in the area with nothing - no investigators, didn’t know the members, didn’t know the streets and no map. And we ended up on Sunday with 3 investigators at church and 3 golden investigators who accepted baptism! Miracle? aAbsolutely!a We are teaching Damiana, who was taught a year ago but said that the missionaries stopped teaching her and she had no idea why. Her mom was really sick this weekend, so she couldn’t come to church, so we came by after Church with the Elders and they gave her mom a blessing. After the blessing, her mom said that she wanted to be baptized as well! Then we met Lindenberg on the street, and asked him to come to Church with us. He said that he went to the hospital on Friday night because he was really drunk and almost died! He told us that he needed help to get over his drinking addiction and wants to turn his life around. He hasn’t touched alcohol since Friday night and LOVED Church on Sunday. We´re going to meet with him every day to give support and his family is supporting him as well! Prayers on his behalf are welcome!

Its season of Carnival here in Rio Grande do Norte...which basically means that I´ve been living in Babylon the past few days. We´ll leave the details out. To give you a basic idea, I woke up today BEFORE 6:30 to fireworks. Who on earth sets off fireworks before missionaries wake up? President has given us permission to make visits for 2 hours right after lunch, and then we stay in the, writing in journals, updating our Area stuff :p But everything will be back to normal on Wednesday.

Sunday was very interesting! Our ward is ALMOST  a branch. Pretty small. Due to this holiday of Satan, we had 22 people in sacrament meeting yesterday. When you don’t count the missionaries and the investigators...17 people. But man, those 17 people are the faithful soldiers! I really really love this ward and the people here. We meet in a house, but they already have the land bought to build a chapel and we are just working on getting the membership up!

It’s the beginning of a crazy new transfer, but with a whole lot of faith, prayers, and fasting, it’s going to be the best transfer of my mission!

 -Sister Carroll
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my new area Caico

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