April 2, 2014

Yo me siento mui bien

                                                                                                                         March 31, 2014

Annnnnd howdy folks! I tried to speak Spanish there in the subject line, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s correct. I´m sure my Spanish-speaking friends will let me know ;P

This has been such a fun, crazy week of changes. It’s always an interesting adventure getting to know a new companion, and I LOVE Sister Arévalo :) She has only been in the field a month, but she already speaks Portuguese WAY better than me. We speak portg on the street and in lessons, but at home we have English days and Spanish days. She’s basically fluent in English as well as Portuguese and I’m...well, I’m learning a lot. slowly but surely :) it’s a real challenge keeping two languages straight - especially cause they are so similar!- but it’s really going to be a good transfer for both of us :D

Also, Sister Arévalo is basically the argentine version of me. She´s studying law, and preparing to work with international law. She loves politics. She spends any free moment reading. She has absolutely no filter and is ridiculously blunt, which is hilarious (She tells me like 5 times a day that I eat too much bread and that’s why I got fat on the mission. so true. oh well). We sing Disney songs all the time on the street. And she´s not afraid of ANYTHING!

So basically the next transfer is going to be a blast. Unfortunately, I think she is only going to stay with me enough to finish up training, but we´ll make the most of every minute :)

ALSO next week is transfers and apparently there is going to be another companionship of sisters living in the apartment with us. 4 sisters, 1 bathroom, no mirror.... I’m excited to see how it all plays out :)

And this has truly been a week of MIRACLES!!!!

Matheus was baptized yesterday :) A YM, 17 years old, but he´ll be moving up to Elders Quorum next months. We´ve been working with him and his family for a month now, and his little sister was baptized last week. He was introduced to the church because of his friend Adrion, so Adrion got to baptize him and it was really a special Sunday for everyone. Matheus has been sure that he wanted to be baptized from the very beginning, but was really dragging his feet about WHEN exactly. We had a really really spiritual lesson where I talked about how we receive answers to prayers - one step at a time. The Lord won´t ever show the whole path at once, just a little light here, and a little light there. A good feeling reading the Book of Mormon. A desire to know more. Feeling át home´when we come to Church. And little by little we start to understand that It is a good seed (Alma 32, anyone?) and we need to act on this knowledge. I asked Matheus, Why do you think God asks us to act in faith? And my heart nearly stopped when he said - Because if we wait for a complete knowledge to act, then it won’t be faith that guides us. It will be knowledge. And we need to act to show the faith that we have.


Pretty inspiring words. So Matheus acted on the light he has already received and was baptized and will continue to grow in the gospel :) Next step....helping the parents so this golden family can be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity!

 Also, we had another miracle that is probably one of the sweetest experiences I’ve had on my mission to date. It was pouring rain and we were trying to take shelter in the chapel when all of the sudden, Damião and his friend José appear out of nowhere, at the chapel. Damião is a man that we contact 3 weeks ago and he accepted baptism but his work schedule is CRAZY and we haven’t been able to teach him. We stopped by his house EVERY DAY this week and he wasn’t home once! So i wasn’t really surprised when he didn’t come to church yesterday for the morning meetings. But then, at the exact moment we showed up at the church with the bishop, he showed up and said, I waited all day for you today and when you didn’t come, I got my friend and we walked to church to try and find you.

Heart-stopper. I felt so bad. And also, they have more faith than I have ever seen.

So we showed them around the church and had a little meeting, there in the chapel. Sang a hymn, said a prayer. Read the Book of Mormon. Neither one of them know how to read, but they understand the language of the Spirit. We talked a lot about Christ, how He is our Savior and example and the only way to be happy is to follow Him. We invited them to prepare to be baptized and they accepted!!! And they are really excited!!!

In other news, a living prophet is going to speak to us this weekend. So GO!!! and go PREPARED!!! With lots of questions!!!! Because I promise that if you are looking for something in your life right now, you will find the answers you need from the prophet who speaks for God.

Love you all!
Sister Carroll

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