October 15, 2014

Reconhecer o Salvador

                                                                                                                        October 13, 2014

 This week was AWESOME and really hard at the same time. Funny how these two ideas go hand in hand, right? There´s a lot that I could say but I´ll just share what I learned in the New Testament and that will be enough

When Christ was calling his apostles, he begins by helping the poor fishermen with the miracles of the fishes and the full nets. It’s interesting to note that the first thing Peter says after witnessing this miracles is, Depart from me for I am a sinful man. He doesn’t feel worthy to be in the presence of the Lord, with all of his weaknesses and faults. And how does the Savior respond? He could very well have said, You are right. You are a sinner, I´ll find someone better. Or- yeah, you´re a sinner. Work on THIS weekness and I´ll come back in a month to try again. or even, I know your weaknesses, if you follow me we´ll work on them together.

But He doesn’t.

He just says - Don’t fear. I will make you a fisher of men.

Christ doesn’t call attention to our faults, He just sees who we can become. He wants us to have this vision of ourselves also. While we are tormented by all the things we can’t do, He sees everything that we can do. Everything that we are and the divine potential that we have.

I´ve read this passage so many times but I never noticed, never understood. I realized when I read this that I don’t actually know the Savior all that well. When I don’t manage to do everything the way I would like to, I get really frustrated with myself and really critical but you know, the Savior doesn’t do that. He is a god of mercy, he has charity- the pure love of Christ. I´m starting to understand how much the Savior really loves us and what kind of man He was. And I want to be like Him.

Challenge this week: Forgive someone who you think doesn’t deserve it. That´s what the Savior does every day.

Love you all!
Sister Carroll




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