November 4, 2014


                                                                                                    October 20, 2014

Hi there!
So I found out less than an hour ago that I´m being transferred!!! Wooohhhh!!!!

I´m headed to Sousa tonight - it’s a 9 hour bus ride from here to the end of the world (or at least the mission limits!). Sousa is a district, I’ll be serving in a branch for the first time in my mission and I’m SO EXCITED! Lots of sun and horses and sun and corn and good old nordeste de Brasil.

I already know my new companion, Sister Cabral, from all the conferences and meetings and divisions and we´ve just been in the same mission, together, for a really long time. She goes home in 3 weeks. BUT is the least trunky Sister I know. It’s gonna be the sprint at the end of a race for her and I´m ready to work my little tail off :)

It’s gonna be hard to leave the missionaries, members, and recent converts that I love here (especially Sister Acosta!) but the good news is that Alecrim is the heart of the mission so I´ll be hanging around here a few more times with conferences and everything. It’s not goodbye, just see you later.

The Lord really works in strange ways. I´m always going to be grateful for the lessons he taught me here, especially in the last few weeks - lessons about mercy and second chances, about love and charity, about weaknesses and perfection, patriarchal blessings, the Holy Ghost, personal revelation, lessons about repentance and the sacrament, about service, and leadership. Lessons about Jesus Christ and what He expects of me. 

I love my Savior and I stand amazed at the love, trust, and mercy that He gives me. I´m very confused as to why He loves us all so much, but I´m starting to understand little by little as I serve and love the people that the Lord has put in my path.

Please pray for me and my companion(s) sister Acosta and Sister Cabral!
Sister Carroll




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