November 4, 2014

The Lord Really Loves Me #dinosaurl​and

                                                                                                   October 29, 2014

(Here is my letter from last week that time ran out before I could send it)
I have 5 minutes sooooo here we go!

Got to Souza after 9 hours alone in a bus (which is a REALLY long time for a missionary accustomed to having a comp), had just enough time to throw some clothes in a back pack before I left to fazer uma divisão in Pombal, a city about an hour away from here.

 When I FINALLY made it back on Saturday I got to know my area, and we helped 3 INCREDIBLE men prepare for their baptism on Sunday: Fernando, Ezequiel, and Cosmo. Cosmo almost made me cry, he´s this little old man whose wife was baptized 4 months ago and her and the missionaries have just been praying and working with him this whole time. He always drank and could never give it up, but then he drank too much and got really sick and had a life-flash-before-his-eyes moment and changed EVERYTHING. So Cosmo was baptized :) and now they are preparing to be sealed in the temple next year. Woohoo!!!!

 So, the Lord really loves us and knows each of us personally. For those of you who know me, really know me, you know that I was obsessed with dinosaurs when I was a kid. Obsessed. I always wanted to be a paleontologist when I grew up. With time, other things became more important but deep down, I just love dinosaurs.

Turns out that Souza is home to one of the biggest dinosaur dig sites in brasil, and maybe the world! Cool, huh? So the town is totally capitalizing on this and there are dinosaur statues and murals and dinosaur restaurants and gas stations and markets and everything is dinosaur-themed here. It’s just so cool

It may seem silly and such a small thing, but I think it’s incredible how the Lord remembered what was important to me when I was 4 years old, and then arranged everything - my mission, here in Brasil, my transfer to Souza, everything - so that I could be here. He just knew that it would make me happy. And He loves me.

I´ve gotten home every night this week almost sleeping on my feet and completely exhausted, but it’s the good kind of tired when you know you gave everything you had in the service of the Lord.

Love you all!
Sister Carroll
yeah for dinosaurs!


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