June 26, 2014

Never a Dull Moment

June 25, 2014

Okay. My head is spinning. Let’s get it all out

Firstly - thank you for the birthday well-wishes! I’m sorry if I don’t respond to all of you, or only a little bit, but I appreciate the love! Everyone says that people back home forget about you after 6 months on the mish but I almost at 1 year and still feel the love :) I got the happy birthday song sung to me more than 6 times by various members, investigators, and companions and it was a blast :) the highlight was a yummy cake and birthday lunch with the Bishop and his family! also, the birthday package helped too :) pics next week...I promise!

Scratch that, the highlight was definitely the spirit. I felt like Heavenly Father gave me a greater portion of the spirit all day so that the sacrament meant more, our lessons were more spiritual, I knew exactly what scripture to share, and we found the addresses that the RS pres gave to us with hardly any trouble. It was almost like Heavenly Father gave me a vision of how missionary work SHOULD be, with the Spirit, so now I have an ideal to work towards.

Also, for you Dad, Bishop asked me to say the opening prayer in sacrament meeting. I laughed and remembered how when you were bishop you always called people to say the prayer on their birthday. It was a little piece of home :)

Secondly - BENJAMIN IT’S YOUR 18th BIRTHDAY!!! FREAK!!! When did you get so old? Make the most of the next few days to be a child and do silly things while you still can. Oh wait, I still act like a kid sometimes :p your birthday present will get put in the mail today! I hope you are watching the soccer games! Also, King Benjamin is like my new hero in the Book of Mormon. I’ve been studying his life lately and there are very few people that have a more noble heritage and noble name. Live up to it :)

Thirdly - TRANSFERENCIAS!!!!!!

After only 2-3 weeks in the area, I got a phone call that I would get the chance to train again!!!! Yay!!!!! So awesome :) I’m nervous, but I know the Lord trusts me so we´ll obviously be okay. My new companion is Sister Carvalho, from Rio Grande do Sul (2 time!) and i’s learning LOTS of new words. She has a super strong testimony, super strong desire, and is really in tune with the spirit. Also, she’s like a boss with push-ups so I’m going to actually get in shape this transfer haha.

But the REAL kicker came that night, dinner with Presidente. I was lifting a fork to my mouth when he announces for the whole table - Sister, you are being called as Sister Leader Trainadora. Also, Sister Baker is being called as Sister Leader Trainadora. You will stay in trio, training Sister Carvalho, and be the first companionship of sister leaders in the mission! Good luck!

Um, hello!!!!!!!! Needless to say, i lost my appetite real quick haha

So. I was subconsciously asking the Lord to give me a chance to do more this past week. Ask, and you will receive. I have no idea what I’m doing BUT the Lord will teach us how to do His work in His way, and if we are obedient and pray a lot then He will carry us through. I have little faith in me, but A LOT of faith in Him and that’s really all that matters in the end, right?

Presidente showed us 2 scriptures - JSH 1: 26 (?) and D&C 135:3 (?)

Basically, it’s about Joseph Smith. The first, he is sorrowful and confused about all his weaknesses and sins. The second, says that Joseph Smith did more for the salvation of men than any other man that walked the face of this Earth, after Jesus Christ who is literally our Savior. Both scriptures talk about the same man. Moral of the story, I don’t have to be perfect in order to make a difference. And YOU don’t have to be perfect in order to make a difference. Just try to help people! Share the gospel! Do something good! It’s not perfect, but you can change lives. We have the power, we have the opportunity, and we have the duty to do so.

My favorite scripture of the mission: Mosiah 8:18

Please pray for my companions, and for our investigators - Cristina, Artur, Eduardo, and Ana Paula. They need your help and prayers more than I do!

Love you all!
-Sister Carroll

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