June 2, 2014

Sweet is the Work!

June 2, 2014

Some weeks you have crazy roller coasters and crazy spiritual experiences that change your entire mission. Some weeks you have little moments that just make you really happy :) This week was about the little moments!

Oscar! Oh my goodness. He is such a miracle. Thank you for your prayers and fasts on his behalf. This past Tuesday, he participated in Mutual with the YM and we gave him his first tie!!! Yellow and blue, his favorite colors. He looked so sharp and you would never know that its only been...1 month? since he first came to Church. He even said a prayer in front of everyone!

Members that help us!!!! So every Sunday we leave very early to walk with our investigators and recent converts to church (and usually we are waking them up too and helping them get ready). We started down the road to Matheus, a WONDERFUL recent convert that is verrrrry less active to bring him to Church and lo and behold - 2 members, in white shirts and ties, knocking on his door do invite him to church. It made me SO HAPPY to see the members involved, knowing that they are taking care of these people that I love and they will be taken care of when I´m gone.

We taught Ávila, a YM that was baptized a couple weeks ago, about the temple yesterday. The youth are all preparing to go to the temple at the end of this month - which is a HUGE  deal because the nearest temple is 8 hours away and each youth has to pay their own way. People here don’t have a lot to spare - it’s hard for couples to go to the temple together here because they can only afford to pay for one person. So all the youth are doing yard work, and selling things to try and earn money to go. (I have been given the title of cake-maker for the yw to sell) ANYWAY we taught Avila about the temple and he looked at me and said, I think the worst feeling in the world will be Judgement Day if God says That person isn’t saved because of something that you didn’t do. And then we read D&C about How great shall be your joy in the kingdom of heaven if you save many souls....And we explained how incredible it will be in the end for God to look at him and say, This person is saved BECAUSE of something that you did :) And now Avila is getting family names together to go to the temple :) I love that kid

And Presidente Soares is going to let the missionaries watch the World Cup!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOHHHHOOOOO!!!!!! Because literally NO ONE will listen to us during the games....so it makes more sense to bond with the members, watching soccer. :D heehee. Sister Arévalo is offended that we only get to watch Brasil and not Argentina, but I´m sure they will play each other at some point and then it will be a hot mess for this companionship haha. Jk. I love her.

Also! Week-long division this week. I´m going to Ala Caico (think the difference between Manchester and Bedford, but not in the same chapel Mom). I’m in Manchester and going to Bedford. I think I’ll have to learn a different style to work there. It’ll be reeeeeeally interesting. Wish me luck!

I love you all!
-Sister Carroll

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