June 30, 2014


                                                                                                  June 30, 2014

Okay, so it’s only been half a week since email so I’ll keep it short - here are the highlights

So, the day after transfers we had ANOTHER crazy transfer!!!! (Have I had time to breathe? No. between the world cup and transfers we were on the street maybe 2 days this week ahhhhh)

Another sister in the mission broke her foot, so they sent Sister Baker in her place to work and Sister Smith stayed in a kind-of trio with us! She studied and slept with us, but spent the day with members. BUT now she is in a trio with Presidente e Sister Soares, so it’s back to just me and minha filinha for now :)

We totally got to watch Saturday´s game with Presidente and Sister Soares at their house! Ahhhhh!!!! It was SUCH a nail biter but so much fun :) The assistentes were there too, and I think I’ve heard every pun that can be made about missionary work and soccer haha

Cristina and Eduardo (mom and son) were really excited to be baptized on Sunday, but they decided not to at the last minute. Very sad. It’s so hard to watch people you love make the wrong decisions. I love them so much and only want the best, but they weren´t willing to raise their own moral standards. Very sad.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS is that we will be spending 4th of July at the WEDDING of Cintia and Jeorge!!!!! And Cintia will be baptized on Saturday! Miracles never cease!!!! We´ve been teaching them since before I got here (weddings require lots of paperwork), and its finally happening :) Jeorge is a less active member that is coming back, and bringing his wife and family with him. There are few things more beautiful than this :)

And the lesson of the week comes from Sister Carvalho. One thing I really admire about her is that she ALWAYS ends her prayers saying, Seja feita tua vontade Pai e não nossa (Thy will be done, not ours). Just this little phrase has completely flipped the way I look at the work I´m doing. If I sincerely pray with all my heart, might, mind, and strength that the will of the Lord be done during that particular day, I know that He responds to the prayers of His faithful servants! So when we give EVERYTHING and it still doesn’t work out the way we planned or wanted, I have a strong conviction that what happened was the will of the Lord and I can look for other opportunities to teach other people and change my plans. It’s not always easy to accept His will, but my plans are so wrong most of the time and I would rather just do what He desires for my area. Our companionship is  developing a connection much stronger and sweeter with the Lord as we sincerely seek to do His will.

I love the mission! I love life! I love soccer! I love my calling!
-Sister Carroll

I feel like I’m serving in England (so much rain)
Also, Glaydson was baptized the first week I got here! He turned 12, and went to the temple last week!
Thanks for the birthday presents mom :)

birthday outfit

the World Cup has taken over Brazil. Sister Carroll & the other missionaries in the office were able to watch the match between Brazil & Chile with their mission president on Saturday

view from her mission presidents apt

it rains allot in Natal

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