September 12, 2014

Good Week!

                                                                                                August 25, 2014

Last week´s email didn’t get sent so..... Here we go

Good week!

Erica was baptized! She has been coming to church for 2 months and has just been getting more and more excited every week! She is going to be such a beautiful YW :)

We met, to date, the most prepared investigator I have ever met! From the very first day we started to teach her, I had the strongest feeling that we knew her before this life. Anne is INCREDIBLE! Her bf is from Forteleza (8 hours away) and he is preparing to serve a mission. She started investigating the church on her own because she didn’t want to change religion just for him. We taught her the first lesson, returned and she said she read the chapter we marked in the book of Mormon 3 times, read in the bible to confirm it, prayed, GOT AN ANSWER, then asked all the members she knew about their experience with praying about the book of Mormon to see if her answer made sense with other answers.

We taught her about temples and she is already preparing family names to go to the temple!

We gave her a personal progress book and she´s already started!

She had questions about the law of chastity so she went to the YW President to clarify her doubts!

She showed up to church 8:30am right on the dot, got there before the other YW!

She already has a part in the youth program for this Saturday!


The Lord is truly preparing people, through angels in heaven and angels on earth, to hear the news of the restored gospel. And I am just so privileged to see His hand in the lives of other people.

So, please pray for Anne :)
-Sister Carroll

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