September 12, 2014

Trust in the Lord!

                                                                                                September 8, 2014

Helllloooo world!

We had a surprise visitor at Church yesterday - Elder Leal, of the 70! It was really neat to hear him bear his testimony about the plan of salvation and the Atonement. A real privilege :) Not sure if he is the official Autoridade Geral for our mission, but this is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve gotten to talk to him. He is a really Christ like man,

We´re still having some difficulty in our area helping people come to Church. Man, I don’t know what´s up, but things will look up soon. HOWEVER the Elders are teaching an INCREDIBLE family - mom and dad that finally decided to get married last month, and 5 kids ages 6 to 16. And they went to Church! And loved it! And are having fhe and reading the book of Mormon and the kids were so well behaved and president soares is helping the elders teach them and it’s just the sweetest thing to see the whole family sitting together during sacrament meeting. The cool part? Sister Baker and I found this family doing street contacts! We passed them to the elders to teach and we get to watch their progress from the outside :) So that was an awesome experience :)

we´ve been helping a member of the ward who has been going through a messy divorce the past few months and we felt inspired to visit her yesterday (even though we had A TON of other visits that we ´´needed´´ to make). We helped her straighten her hair and do her makeup to go to a devotional later, and shared a message with her and her less-active daughter. And she just starts crying and says, I will never forget you. You two are the only ones that have passed by and every time I’m feeling low, you just appear. I haven’t had any help these past months but you two are always here and I will never forget what you´ve done for my family.

Wow. I almost cried too. There is no feeling in the world like knowing that you were literally the answer to someone´s prayer.

Definition of trust: you will do anything that person asks you to do, without needing a proof or an explanation. You them.

So, do I really TRUST in the Lord?

Food for thought!
Love you all,
S. Carroll

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