September 10, 2014

Tourist time

                                                                                    August 18, 2014

So our pday was AWESOME today (that’s why the email is a bit late)

Presidente Morias, the stake president, took us sight-seeing in downtown Natal on his lunch break. This man is definitely going to heaven. I´ve never met a man with more to do that still takes time to give referrals, teach with the missionaries, and help a couple of Americans see the sights! 

We went to historic Natal and visited a couple government buildings and Old Catholic churches and parks. it was a very Carroll-family type of visit. Reminded me of a freedom-trail Boston experience

Pillar directly from Rome Italy when mussoulini made a deal with the brasileiros

A park that is directly in the CENTER of Natal. how cool?

Folklore from the amazonas


Here we are in front of a really pretty catholic church

If you look carefully, you can see our pictures of the baptism of Jesus Christ

As sister baker (and the wife of president Hinckley) said - life is hard, you either have to cry your way through it or laugh your way through it. I choose to laugh, crying give me a headache 


batismo of Erica! Elder Torres, the missionary couple of the office, is her neighbor and got to baptize her. Really sweet experience :)

Sister baker with a Pepsi can that has the face of David Luiz, our favorite futbol player. World cup fever is still alive and well in brasil
at Historic Natal

super special baptism

Pepsi can with our favorite futbol player David Luiz

in front of a Historic Catholic church

in front of a Historic Catholic Church


in Historic Natal

we are scared...?


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