September 30, 2013

i have to stop with the pics

Dear family - I have many more pics, esp from the CTM, but Ill catch up on those another week and give you all a quick email of the work here in Mossoro

We are busy allllll the time! A lot of it is walking from place to place, we cover a relatively large area by foot. There are literally 5 people in our entire ward (about 100 active)  that own cars, if that gives you some sense of the area. Most everyone walks. It really is true, the people who are on the poorer end are really much more humble and receptive of the gospel. We tried to teach in a newer, richer area and not one person would listen. We will obviously keep trying to contact and find new pesquisadores there, but we are focusing our efforts on the people who are actually willing to listen.

We ALMOST had a baptism yesterday. Her name is Leilianny, 14 years old, and its been the most incredible experience to prepare her this past week. She received a personal witness of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon...and hearing her share her testimony brought tears to my eyes. Really, the Spirit does everything. The Spirit is the teacher in missionary work, and I have been blessed with the privilege to be up close and see the Spirit work in the lives of other people. I very much feel like Ammon, in the LDM - Of myself I am nothing, but I will boast in the strength of my God (or something like that). Sometimes, Sister Oliveira or I will share the perfect scripture at the perfect time to really touch the hearts of our investigators, and we can look back and realize that it was truly the Spirit speaking through us. Anyway, things didn't quite work out because her mother isn't entirely thrilled with the missionaries, but we are pretty sure that this weekend she will be baptized!!! 

Speaking  of this weekend, GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! I don't think I've ever been more excited!!! I literally bear my testimony of the reality of a living prophet every single day, so of course my testimony has only grown stronger and stronger. I know that Thomas S Monson is a prophet of God. He speaks with God, and he speaks for God. We have 12 Apostles, special witnesses of Christ. Our goal is to be more like the Savior, and we have the opportunity to listen to the words of someone who KNOWS what we specifically need to do and change to become like our Savior. God speaks to His people. I am so grateful for the opportunity to listen to GC (I get to listen in English thank goodness), but I am almost more excited for this coming week to be able to invite people to come!!! I get to just run around Brasil sharing the good news with everyone and I am SO EXCITED!!!! I want to invite each of you to do the same - tell your friends, family, neighbors! If Peter James and John were speaking this weekend, you would be sure to be there. And you would definitely tell the whole word, not worry about Well maybe they don't want to hear. Of course they want to hear! Its a profeta! And if they don't...well, that's their decision but you be sure to invite them and give them the choice.

Mom, thank you for the quotes from The Relief Society broadcast. No, we don't get to hear it but we do get to go to all the sessions this weekend. I haven't gotten my package yet but that's just because we haven't gotten mail. This Wednesday is reuniĆ£o de zona, and I should get everything then! The capella that you found in Mossoro is probably the stake center, I don't think its mine. but I go there at least once a week too. 

I love you all SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! 

PS Tell the girls that I cried about what you wrote. I'm not a hero. but if I help them want to go on missions, than that's perfectly ok with me.
Provo MTC District

with MTC Companion Sister Francis

Provo MTC map & Sister in her district, all going to Natal

Brazil MTC Map

Brazil MTC Courtyard

Elders Sprouse & Wilson (DL)

Sister Sperry & Wood with 32 milky way bars - CHOCOLATE FROM AMERICA

white elephant gift exchange on the bus ride to zone conference

my gift

learning how to make SUCO DE MANGA mango juice

more juice making

a watermelon in one hand & a Book of Mormon in the other

with Sisters Oliveria,,Do Carmo, & Rebeiro

a Brazilian Luau

Mossoro Stake Center - not her current chapel but one in her city

practicing to play for a wedding

Sister Oliveria, branch president & his wife, Elders Christiansen & Almeida

Elder Christiansen (DL)

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