October 8, 2013


ola!                                                                                                                  October 7, 2013


this week has been crazzzzzy doida but all good things. I’m not able to send any pictures this week but here’s a brief snapshot-


Receiving an awesome package and many wonderful letters! I will be responding to every single one!

Interviews with President Soares

Sister oliveiras 9 month mark on the mission

Sister oliverias 22 birthday


My first experience in a ward counsel meeting with the stake president



The package was soooo wonderful mom. The peanut butter was definitely the highlight, but I loved the clothes and take pride in the fact that I get to wear your skirt. The purple shirt was absolutely perfect, you did great! The pictures were so wonderful and I got 8 different letters. It was such a nice taste of home. 

Basically, it’s been a floating on air kind of week. especially this weekend, it was sister oliveiras birthday on Saturday and we had a grand total of 6 cakes for her during the day haha - I made one for breakfast, we had one during lunch with members, 3 from other missionaries in between sessions (it was kind of a party to have all the missionaries together so we like to celebrate. seriously, i love my district) and a surprise party after conference.

While all the sugar was enjoyable, it was nothing compared to the spiritual feasting that took place this weekend. Every talk seemed to be written specifically for me and I cannot wait to study them all again. President Monson~s was heart-wrenching, Elder Ballard was the BEST. Seriously, I hope the whole world starts getting more involved in member missionary work, it is so important for us to have the help of leaders and fellowshipping. Also, Elder Scott. And president Eyring. and Elder Christofferson. and alllll the talks by members of the 70 were extremely powerful, I feel guilty that I can’t remember all their names. Seriously, go back and rewatch!!!

One thing I learned during my time in big and important meetings (it still blows my mind to think that I get to participate in these. it’s incredibly humbling to have the power and authority from God to direct his work in my area) is the importance of Family Home Evenings. Little know secret, FHE is a powerful missionary tool! When the members invite a family of investigators over for FHE, they have a strong connection with the ward and the opportunity to see how exactly the gospel can bless a family. I truly believe that the prophets have been emphasizing this program for so long not only because of the importance of the family, but they way that it can help in furthering the gathering of Israel. do NOT underestimate the power of FHE

leiliannys baptism was so wonderful. we had 13 other baptisms that day in our zone, 9 together in the stake center in between sessions of conference, so it was a little chaotic (a lot chaotic!) more another day, 

i love you sooooo much!

-Sister Carroll 

baptisms on General Conference weekend

Sister missionaries at Zone Conference?

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