October 29, 2013

1st transfers

Dear family and friends,
PHEW! What a week. My first transfer in the mission field was doida!!! (crazy) Serio, its practically unheard of to switch trainers in the middle of training, but Presidente Soares changed almost everyone in the mission, from what i can tell! We had two new areas open up in our zone, and every dupla (companionship) but one received a new comp. So its been nuts!  But in a good way :) Because of the HUGE influx of Sister missionaries (can I get an Amen?), practically everyone in the mission right now is training or being trained. I think there are only 3 sisters who are just jr comps. So, best guess is that all the newbies will be training next transfer and this is a way to give us a little more responsabilidades to prepare. Yes, you heard that right, yours truly will most likely be training in a few short six weeks! AHHHHHH :D still not sure how i feel about this
We are teaching a man right now that has a problem with coffeee. So, to prepare him for batismo, we are going over his house every morning, 6am, with a bottle of juice! YAYYYYY FOR EARLY MORNINGS! But oh man, you should have seen his face light up this morning when we got there. He has some self confidence problems and really just needs to feel important and he felt so special. We care about him enough to come every morning, quite early, just to help him out with juice and a scipture. This is what christ means when he leaves the 99 to find the 1.
We have lots of FHE nights planned with members and their friends this week, as well as a family history activity this saturday! the work truly moves forward when the ward is involved! I love you allll verrrryyyy much!
Sister Carroll

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