May 17, 2014

lessons learned...and lessons that need to be relearned

May 14, 2014
Dear Everyone,
Transfers week!!! Always a crazy ride. Drumroll please......


Basically, almost no one in our whole district was changed! The Elders are all the same, the sisters that live with us are the same, and it’s just going to be...normal? Does normal even exist on the mission?

Good news: The work just barely started picking up again in the area. We found out yesterday that there are 6 less-active members that live ON OUR STREET. Who knew? So it´ll be a wonderful ride helping them come back to church and helping their familes accept the gospel as well. We also have some great families that we are teaching :)
 Bad news: I swear I´ve talked to everyone that lives in our area already. So we´ll have to get creative to find new investigators.

Good news: I love my companion to pieces! Yay :) I feel like I didn’t do training as well as I could have, so I’m grateful to stay with her a little longer and we can learn more and more together! She has also been teaching me Spanish for the past few weeks and I’m getting pretty good so another 6 weeks will really help!
Bad news:  I´m the companion of a sassy Argentinian during the World Cup in Brasil. ´nuff said.

Good news: All the missionaries that I love are staying too!
Bad news: We´re all best friends at this point and need work on be a little more focused

Basically, I was getting pretty down about the area the past few weeks and really thought that I would be it was a bit of a shock to hear that I would be staying for a third transfer. BUT I woke up today so excited to work and change things and really make a difference in the lives of the people here. Its feels like the Lord is giving me a second chance with this area and I´m determine to make the most of it.

Mother’s day was WONDERFUL!!!! :D yay for family! I had trouble speaking English! (Heaven help me in another 9 months)
Love you all, até segunda-feira!
-Sister Carroll



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