May 17, 2014

My testimony of Christ

My testimony of Christ

So this is a little different and if you all don’t have time to read, I understand. (1 hour is pretty dang short)...but I wanted to write out a bit of my study journal. I was reading in Mathew 16:15-16, when Christ asks Peter, Quem dizeis que eu sou? (Who do you say that I am?) Many people had (and still have) a distorted and half-complete understand of Christ, but Peter responded: Thou art the Christ, the Son of God.
So I spent some time thinking how I would respond to the same question, if given the chance.

 Quem dizeis que eu sou?

He is my perfect Example. I know the path to follow to return to my Heavenly Father by observing what He did and who He is. When I have doubts or am confused about what decision to make, I look to my Example and follow Him.

He is the Counselor. He guides me along the path. He hears my prayers, He understands perfectly my pains and challenges and temptations, and He knows how to succor me. He gives answers and guidance every single time that I ask in faith.

He is my Leader without equal. He motivates me to do my best because I love Him and know that He loves me. I am astounded at the confidence He has in me and strive to be worthy of this confidence.

He is the Comforter in every situation, whether it is a result of my own poor choices or just because life is sometimes hard. He comforts me when I am sad and disheartened. He shows love for me when I suffer because of my own imperfections and weaknesses.

He is the Master Teacher. He teaches me the principles of the gospel in a manner that is so easy and so clear to understand. He always teaches me at a level that I need to understand, and I learn the same lessons over and over again with a little more depth with every year that passes. He teaches using the scriptures, living prophets, and the whisperings of the Spirit, but more importantly, He puts me in situations and then allows me to learn by experience.

He is the Author of my Salvation- the salvation of every living person, and also my personal salvation. Knowing me and loving me, He created a plan for my life that would lead me to eternal life. He gave me a specific family for this purpose, and each person, each challenge, and each situation of my life He planned to give me the experience and the example that I need to improve.

He is my Rock. He is always with me, has always been with me, and always will be at my side to support me. No matter what else changes, He is always here.

He is my Savior and Redeemer - His most important purpose. He took upon Him the punishment for all the things that I fall short of and that keep me from the presence of my Heavenly Father. He suffered everything, and opened the door for repentance. I can change and improve every day of my life because of Him. I can be forgiven. He gives me grace and strength to change what I am not capable to change for myself. I will leave the bad behind and choose the better part and this is only possible because of Him that loves me so much that He gave His life for me.

He lives and one day I will see Him face to face!
-Sister Carroll

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