May 29, 2014

Memorial Day?

       May 26, 2014

Okay, so Oscar is INCREDIBLE! It’s been 2 weeks, no 3, since his baptism and he received the priesthood yesterday and a calling! He is secretary for the YM and SO excited to serve :) That’s the awesome thing about recent-converts; they just are on fire and so willing to participate. He´s gonna be a great home teacher. We had a really wonderful lesson with him about the priesthood, and in the end he basically begged for a priesthood blessing. This makes me so happy! You know why? Because he knows where to turn for help. When things don’t go well, he turns to the gospel. NOT the missionaries, but the GOSPEL. He reads the scriptures, he looks for opportunities to go to Church, he understands the blessings of the priesthood, and (possibly the best thing), he looks to the BISHOP for help! Not us, but the BISHOP! This is when a member really is integrated with the ward :) He has been having some health problems...and also, the friends that he is living with have turned really sour against the Church and told us to stop visiting him. But in all this, he is humble, patient, and faithful. He gives me hope. Any and all prayers for Oscar are appreciated.

We had a WONDERFUL devotional last night! The counseleiro do presidente da missão came to visit and talked about family history (....okay. normally a really annoying topic for missionaries because we have no time or access to computers to put in practice what they preach. or temples.) BUT he talked a lot about the grand counsel in heaven. How everyone that is a member of the Church, who has been blessed to be born at a time with the restored gospel was especially chosen to be a savior in mount Zion before the world was created. We have the chance to save SO MANY PEOPLE.  We were giving responsibilities with these blessings. I just have this image that won’t leave my head of God explaining to me - Alysha, in my great plan you will be responsible to help the people living in Brasil Natal, Caico, Mossoro. You will take care of this corner of my vineyard. You will be the example that I place in Manchester Memorial High School to plant the seeds for many of your classmates to accept the gospel later in life. You will also be responsible for this group of people here that will be your ancestors that lived without the priesthood authority on the earth. You will be an instrument in my hands to help my children. Will you fulfill this responsibility?

And then I came to earth and passed through the veil and I don’t remember making that promise but I have the gospel now and my responsibility is still valid. And I can help SO MANY PEOPLE! Nothing is a coincidence in the plan of God. That’s why it’s called a PLAN. He puts people in our lives for a reason, and puts us in the life of other people for a reason.

If you are a member of this Church and reading this, I believe that a very similar conversation happened between you and God as well. He gave you people to help and to save, and you promised to bring them back with you to the best of your ability.

Of course, the center of this whole plan is Jesus Christ. I feel like I can’t send a letter home without mentioning him. He is THE Savior, the only one with the ability and responsibility to save all mankind. And He did. And I will be forever grateful to Him for what He sacrificed to save me.

I love you all!
-Sister Carroll

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